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Auto insurance

People have the opportunity to purchase their auto insurance from auto insurance companies online that is just as useful as auto insurance they can purchase from walking into the company's offices or calling them on the telephone. Online auto insurance companies offer the same opportunities to obtain as much coverage as the client needs, but being online has one other advantage that brick and mortar companies don't have and that is convenience.

Liability Coverage

Every auto insurance company is required to offer their clients the liability coverage that each state has required by law that residents purchase. Because of this, people must be able to purchase their liability coverage from an online auto insurance company. too.

For example, the state of Ohio requires that drivers purchase bodily injury liability coverage for one person they have injured in a car collision for $12,500. For everyone hurt in the accident, they must have $25,000 and to pay for the property damaged in the accident, they must have $7,500 property damage liability coverage.

Sometimes, people decide that the mandatory minimum requirements aren't sufficient coverage and they would like to purchase more insurance. Online auto insurance companies are also capable of fulfilling this need for their clients.

Optional Coverage

Online auto insurance companies also can insure the policyholders' vehicles with optional auto insurance coverage. Liability coverage only covers the bodily injuries and property damages of third parties and not those of the policyholders. In order to be competitive with the offline insurance companies, online auto insurance companies also need to give their clients the option to purchase extra coverage from them.

To insure the policyholders' vehicles, online auto insurance companies offer:

- Collision coverage
- Comprehensive coverage
- Uninsured motorist bodily injury
- Underinsured motorist bodily injury
- Uninsured motorist property damage
- Underinsured motorist property damage
- Medical payments
- Guaranteed auto protection (GAP) insurance
- Rental car reimbursement and
- Towing


Obtaining auto insurance online is highly convenient for people who like to use the Internet for conducting business. With an online account, online auto insurance customers may pay their bills from the website. They no longer have to write a check, buy a stamp and travel to the post office to mail their premiums every month.

They may even be entitled to a discount for paying their premiums online. Auto insurance companies that are required to bill their clients every month have administrative costs they must pay including paying their employees to perform duties such as printing bills, putting the bills in envelopes, mailing the bills, purchasing postage, receiving the bills, entering the payments and taking the checks to the bank to cash them.

When people pay online, it's electronic and the online auto insurance company is relieved of performing all of the duties listed above. They will thank their clients for this fact by taking a percentage off of their premiums.

If these customers have an accident and they need to file a claim, they may be able to do this online. Times when it may not be possible are if the accident is highly complicated; in those cases, they may call their insurance companies' toll-free numbers as they would with any other auto insurance company.

Receive Quotes from Multiple Online Auto Insurance Companies

Finding auto insurance for the most affordable prices is the easiest when people search for them online. Those who decide to seek a quote from an auto insurance company that doesn't have an online presence will have to call each company individually and give their information over and over again. They will only be able to receive one quote at a time after spending a considerable amount of time on the telephone with the company's representatives.

When people seek a quote from an online auto insurance website that represents more than one online auto insurance company, they will only have to give their personal information and the type of coverage they would like to purchase once. They will immediately receive several quotes from these online auto insurance companies. If these people like what they have to offer, they have the opportunity to click on a button to be taken to the auto insurance company's website. If the client and auto insurance company are a good match, the client may be able to find and purchase auto insurance all in the same day.